Canoas Ribadesella

Consejos para bajar el Sella en canoa

4 Tips to paddle well and safely

Here comes the good weather, holidays, the ideal time for all kinds of adventure activities outdoors, especially water-related ...

That ... Can you come to Asturias? We have several Active Tourism activities that you could do, but ... What do the descent of the Sella by canoe?

So that you enjoy the most of this activity will give you four tips or recommendations on how to paddle and best positions to get tired as little as possible and evitéis any injury to rowing.

1 - Position in canoe

Sit with your back straight to avoid back support on the back of the canoe or kayak.

2- How to get the paddle?

The paddle has two blades or blade slightly curved inwards, allowing more water to move the canoe move more easily. The blades are also slightly rotated so that there do not make a turn of the wrist too steep to change the shovelful.

We'll grab the shovel at a distance roughly equal to the width of our shoulders.

When paddling right hand has to be fixed and the left hand is the one that rotates so that the blade between water properly.

3 - How to paddle?

Insert the blade in the water as far forward as possible and close to the canoe, sliding a smooth motion with the shovel backwards out of the water later and repeat the movement with the other hand. The arms must be stretched and changing shovelful we have to accompany turning our waistlines.

If we want the canoe go left, paddle just to the right, and if we want to go right paddle just to the left.

If what we want is that the canoe slow down and turn right we introduce the right shovel in the back parallel to the current, or left shovel if we want to turn to the other side.

If we feel that the canoe will capsize we must support the blade flat against water in a fast moving and recover stability.

4 - And if we dump?

Do not worry, canoes are very stable, but if you arrived to dump these are unsinkable and can be turned around easily. Retrieves the canoe, rowing boat and tight, and get close to the shore to get on again and continue the adventure.

We hope you find them useful these tips and do them in practice when you decidáis to embark on the adventure of canoeing down the River Sella Enjoy it!