Canoas Ribadesella

Canción descenso del Sella

Children of thy water, the song of the Piragüas

Now comes the Sella 2016 and for which not yet known, since last year, there is a representative song of what this event, which has been proposed to become the typical song that makes your hair stand on end when you're out of Asturias and listen: Sons of its waters.

Red Leaves, Beatrice and Paula are two Parraguesas girls who possess a unique talent and an incredible voice and reflect on this song all the feeling we experience those who touches us very closely the "party of the canoes".

There's nothing left for newts, selleros, sportsmen and partygoers, we gather around the Sella river to enjoy a long-awaited day.

So let's preparing piconas monteras, necklaces and vests, cooling cider and heating the voice, the 80 edition of the Sella promises to be as exciting or more than previous editions, as well as latest year after year they are incorporated, also recovering some old traditions that makes this event unique and special.

This song is one of those innovations that were introduced last year and is now part of our party and our history.

Do you want to get an idea of ​​everything I have told you? You only have to watch the video and listen carefully .... keep the public silence ...