Canoas Ribadesella


Vista general descenso del río Sella, con alguno de nuestros clientes disfrutando de la actividad Unos de nuestros monitores impartiendo las nociones básicas del manejo del remo Grupo familiar en la salida del Descenso del Sella, preparados para la aventura Disfrutando de un día inolvidable en el Sella con los amigos El descenso del Sella con amigos, una actividad para disfrutar de nuestro río Una foto de dos amigos en haciendo la actividad del Descenso en canoa doble No dejes de traer a tu mascota, puede acompañarte en la actividad ¡Prueba superada! Laika y Nerón estaban encantados Día estupendo para disfrutar de la bajada del Sella en canoa El Sella, un río de aguas cristalinas Una de las salidas de la actividad del Descenso del Sella en canoa Disfrutando de un paseo por el Sella, 15 km. de paisajes espectaculares Canoas aparcadas en la orilla del Sella, un descanso antes de continuar con la aventura Tienes varios puntos para pararte por el camino, incluso con chiringuitos donde tomar un refresco para continuar con la aventura

The descent of the Sella in canoe is active tourism activity most requested in the area of ​​the region of the Picos de Europa, in eastern Asturias.
'An experience you can not miss !!

What you should bring: sportswear or swimwear and comfortable shoes that can get wet (not open chancla), towel, change of clothes and mobile phone (this case they wish to end its route at kilometer 7). It is also advisable to use sunscreen and hat / o, as well as a cord for glasses if the carry, in addition to an airtight bag for phone, keys, money or other goods.

Everything else is on us:
We provide all equipment necessary to make the descent of the River Sella Material: Canoeing, paddle, life vest (mandatory for use during the tour), tight boat for belongings, wetsuit if the weather requires it (except from 15 June to September 15 only available for rent).
It also includes a picnic per person (if celiac patients indicate in advance to adapt).
One of our instructors will give basic instructions for handling the rowing and canoe and an indication of the most contentious points of the route. During the trip it has several points where to stop to rest and beach bars for refreshments and continue the adventure.
After the tour our staff will pick you up and take you back to our facilities where they have locker rooms with showers
Must know how to swim.
Children (age limit: 5 to 12 and 115 cm) The age of 12 are considered adults as to the application of the tariff.

See below our current offers and enjoy the Sella in canoe at any time of year.

Online Booking
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    EXCLUSIVE OFFER ONLINE € 27 / adult - € 18 / child (VAT included) We are ready! Another season we are prepared to offer you our best service, so that you enjoy the Desella del Sella by canoe without worrying about anything. And to encourage you to do the activity we make this offer [...]


To make your reservation, and as a guarantee of the same, 20% of the total bid will be entered, paying the rest on the day of the activity. Admission will be by credit card payment through the existing payment gateway on the web. For peace of mind you can send proof of payment by email to
VERY IMPORTANT: non-performing activities included in the offers will not any reduction in the rate.
In offers where the activity is free, it will not be replaced by another if the climatology conditions do not allow to do it.


If the cancellation occurs with less than 2 days from the date of booking, the deposit made will not be returned.
If the cancellation occurs between 2 and 10 days from the date of booking 50% of the deposit will be refunded.
If the cancellation occurs more than 10 days from the date of the activity, 100% of the deposit will be refunded.
IMPORTANT: ignorance of this policy and cancellation does not exempt compliance.

More information

To end their journey at kilometer 7 must call our activity center whose phone number is noted on the cover of the sealed canister, and if you have some kind of impact ..
Navigation permitted hours: 11:00 to 18:00
Departure times from facilities: 11:00 or 12:00 (Check availability schedule). It must be submitted on site 20 minutes before departure time
Free public parking on our premises.
Reservations for more than two people are made based on double canoes, leaving individual reserved for odd groups. Triple canoes have adult with child.

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